Oura Beach

Praia da Oura Beach: The all-in-one beach

Oura’s Algarve area is found at the foot of a steep hill and very close to “The Strip”, a bar and restaurant area, which extends all the way to the beach. Several accommodation options such as hotels, villas, and apartment houses are scattered along the area and near to the beach. Nevertheless, many visitors prefer to choose accommodation elsewhere and thhen ride here for a day on the beach.

The beach can be very crowded, which can make parking a problem. However, because the sands are expansive, you can take a stroll along the shore to find you’re preferred location.

The Praia da Oura Beach offers a lot of activities, especially for adventure seekers. Besides the usual water activities such as swimming, sailing, and snorkelling, you can ride the yellow banana boats and jet skis or try the para-ascending. In the coves you can find some quite time or take the opportunity to enjoy scuba diving.

Oura’s Algarve area is also perfect for children as its waters are very transparent and clean, and there are a couple of rock pools where they can safely enjoy their time at the beach.

If you’re looking for an alternative program, you can go to the nearby “Strip”, where you can find several pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafes within the area. Alcohol beverages are reasonably affordable and the bars are usually open from happy hours all the way to late in the evening. “The Strip” is at its busiest during the months of June to August, but you can always find some fun all year around.

You can also ride the Noddy train that will take you from the Strip and Praia da Oura Beach to the old town. This is where you can find the main square, shops and restaurants. Though the bars are not as lively as those found in the Strip, they offer feel-good live music.

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