Vilamoura Beach

Vilamoura Beach: All You Need in One Place

Vilamoura Beach is locally known as Praia da Marina. Unlike other beaches in Algarve, it is well developed and brings together a marina and a beach resort.

A lot of the local action happens at or around the marina, a huge berth that can accommodate over a thousand boats. Plenty of locals and foreigners go here to charter a boat or a yacht for game fishing. There are also countless cafes, bars, and restaurants that offer authentic Portuguese seafood cuisine.
Since it is a tourist hotspot, you can find dozens of luxury villas, apartments, hotels, and holiday homes within the area. Various facilities also provide thrilling activities for the more adventurers, including parascending and jet-skiing.

Another beach close to Vilamoura is Praia da Falesia. It is well-known for its expansive sands and the cliff formations with red tones.  From there, you can proceed to the cosy beach of Olhos de Aqua, which is surrounded with pine trees growing on cliffs.

For those who want more than just enjoying the beach, they can explore around and find a bit of history in Cerro da Vila. It’s an old Roman site that contains countless Roman artefacts and has an excavated site with Roman bath ruins which is also being preserved. Or, you can reach for the nearby castle that is around fourteen centuries old and is also well worth a visit. If you are looking for cheap finds, make sure to visit on Saturdays, which is the schedule for the gypsy market.

Meanwhile, golfers can relax in any of the golf courses that are Vilamoura, Algarve region. There quite a few world-class courses in this area, with some of the most popular being Laguna, Old Course, and Pinhal.

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