Praia dos Salgados Beach

Salgados Beach: The perfect holidays recipe

Sun, Sea, sand dunes, lagoons, and golf courses — these are the perfect ingredients for a memorable holiday getaway. They all come together at Salgados beach in Algarve.

Located in Albufeira District, in Algarve, Praia dos Salgados Beach is widely known for two things: the beach and the golf course. The beach is expansive and wide and, unlike other nearby beaches, doesn’t have any cliffs or rock formations. Instead, it offers an open area with sand dunes.

A lagoon, which is home to flamingos every spring, is found at the side of the dunes and close by the back of the beach is covered with marshland. To get to the beach, you have to go through a car park and then a boardwalk, which is also access to a fine restaurant serving fresh fish and other delicacies.

Around the area there are a few seaside restaurants offering delectable seafood dishes. Some of them are found in Bayside Salgados Beach Complex, a luxurious golf and beach resort hotel that is only 800 meters from the beach.
Nevertheless, many are in Praia dos Salgados Algarve region not for the sea and the beach but for something else: they want to play golf.

Salgados is considered to be one of Algarve’s best golf courses. The golf course is very close to the marshlands and was designed by Pedro de Vasconcelos, Robert Muir Graves, and a number of other renowned Portuguese architects.
The obstacles in the golf course are not long compared to those of other courses in the country. However, you will be provided with enough challenge, as there are 6,000 meter links and many lakes to conquer.

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