Far More Than Meets The Eye: Giroflée Restaurant

Nestled amongst all the history of the old Ribeira district of the city is a modern and sleek Porto restaurant that just has to be experienced in order to believe that it exists. One of the tallest buildings in its area, this Porto restaurant actually occupies three floors of it, which is far more than your average dining venue.

The first thing you notice when you walk into the entrance of the Giroflée Restaurant is that it is done in very sleek, very modern décor. Every piece of furniture used there was actually designed to fit the space in which it resides and the overall effect is quite striking. The restaurant is actually found on the second and third floors, while the first floor, is in reality a fully functioning art gallery, with artwork for sale, and special spotlight shows being held every month.

Most galleries are in separate venues and rarely will the two worlds mix. Here, on the other hand, it is as accepted as the changing of the daily special on the menu. Fusion seems to be the keyword at the Giroflée Restaurant, as the cuisine is meant to be a fusion between traditional Portuguese cooking with an Asian twist. The entrees here are just as experimental and trendy as the artwork below, and worth the price. A three course fare for two in this Porto restaurant will average around 70 Euros, drinks included.

Giroflée Restaurant
Rua Nova da Alfandega, 1
Ribeira -Porto

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