Capa Negra

Electric Dining In Porto At The Capa Negra

Many places in the Porto Restaurant scene are known for attracting crowds and for it’s wonderful food. This particular entry is no exception and is for a long time a very popular destination for visitors and locals alike. The Capa Negra restaurant is one of the busiest café and bars in Porto and if you want a seat, you had better arrive pretty early.

The artwork inside depicts multitudes on a backdrop portrait of the city itself, everyone clustered around a large rendering of a very popular Porto dish: The Francesinha. Once you have been inside, you have to wonder if the artist composed his work while dining there because the frenetic activity you will witness in this Porto restaurant, will often match what is depicted upon its walls.

That dish, francesinha, is very popular all over the city and is the mainstay of the trade at the Capa Negra restaurant. Made up of tasty bread, sausages, steak, cheese and a spicy hot red sauce, it is available every night right into the wee hours of the morning. No matter how late you party, coming here will guarantee you a good night’s meal after a long night of fun.

With a crazy yet cozy atmosphere and a staff of some truly wonderful people to share the night with, there is no better or more affordable way to cap off any night in Porto. Our favorite is also a particularly sinful version of pudding, yum.

Capa Negra Restaurant
Rua do Campo Alegre, 191
4150-177 Porto

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