Alquimia Restaurant: An Alchemic Mix Of History And Good Food

Tavira has beautiful, long beaches, Roman bridges and the Gilão river to attract tourists by the thousands every year. They come for the history to be viewed through the houses, with their Gothic windows and portals, as well as the many churches that dominate the countryside here. Santa Maria do Castelo, Sao Jose and Misericórdia all date back to the Renaissance or earlier, and can be a heartbreakingly beautiful sight to behold.

Touring this vista of living history can leave one famished and desirable of finding a simple Tavira restaurant to rest, drink, talk, and have good food to recharge one’s batteries. The Alquimia Restaurant is just one such place here that can do all of that and more. It is a stylish setting, with plenty of outdoor seating available, and is perfect for a light meal of marinated seafood, wine and good conversation.

Slightly off the beaten path, along the Rua Joao Vaz Corte Real, and within sight of the river, this Algarve restaurant bears a name that means “alchemy” in Portuguese and it is so apt for this Tavira restaurant. Blending traditional fare with simple tapas, the Alquimia Restaurant will please even the most jaded gastronomic fan, for a modest price. From steak to tagines, with wine you can expect it to cost on average around 20 Euros per person, very frugal for a restaurant in a tourist region.

Alquimia Restaurant
Rua Joao Vaz Corte Real, 80
8800-351 Tavira

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