Porto Dining On The Cutting Edge: The Artemisia Restaurant

Since its opening on the Porto restaurant scene, the owners of this unique dining establishment have gone out of their way to make themselves very, very noticeable. Not satisfied with having one of the most attractive Porto restaurants on the outside, they have outdone themselves with their décor on the inside. There is so much contemporary artwork throughout the Artemisia Restaurant, they could easily shut down the dining aspect of their business and call themselves an art gallery.

The second phase of breaking with tradition has to do with their operating hours. Most of the restaurants in Porto may open for a late lunch, and brunch on the weekends. There are very few on the Porto restaurant scene who drag themselves out of bed early enough to serve actual breakfast as a café, until noon, every single day. And they also offer a site for those who wish to have a bit of an afternoon tea, complete with the customary desserts that go with it.

At night, the Artemisia Restaurant becomes a fine dining establishment once more, serving an international cuisine with a hint of experimentation to it. The majority of their dishes, from risotto to pastas contain some type of biological added and secret ingredient meant to astound and tantalize. Guaranteed that the curious will return again and again. Moderately priced, it offers a new experience with every visit. Definitely make the time to go there.

Artemisia Restaurant
Rua Adolfo Casais Monteiro, 135

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