Experience The Best Of The Sea At The Tropical Restaurant

Nestled snugly on a wide terrace above the beach, this Almancil restaurant shines in the sun like a pearl in the sand. Specializing in the best food the sea has to offer, this Mediterranean specialty restaurant is one of the most popular in this part of the Algarve coast.

The chef at the Tropical Restaurant, like most of his counterparts along the Algarve coast, recreates his menu daily, from noon to night, using only the best of the daily catches supplied by local fisherman. He does love shrimp, however, judging by the variety of dishes that contain it on their very affordable menu.

One particular favorite among patrons of this Almancil restaurant is their couperto, which is made up of fresh and tasty cooked shrimp, with carrots and olives supplied by local growers, coated and covered in a specially prepared garlic oil sauce. Delightful!

The couperto is only the beginning of the many culinary delights to be found in this beautiful Algarve restaurant. The freshest fish available, grilled or baked to order, accompanied by fresh vegetables and fruits from all over the region, and backed up by the many fine bottles of wine in their cellar, also produced locally by award-winning vineyards.

The Tropical restaurant may be a bit on the pricier side when it comes to cost but it is so worth it. Dining here is the perfect ending for many who visit the beautiful coast, wonderful food under the stars and moon.

Tropical Restaurant
Vale do Garrao
Almancil Portugal

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