Marisqueira Rui

Famous and deserving: Marisqueira Rui Restaurant

Hailed as one of the best Algarve restaurants for seafood, in spite of being one of the most inland Algarve restaurants of all, Marisqueira promises the best in family entertainment, as well as fine dining. A local favorite sport, having your family introduced to Portuguese Family Crab Bashing could very well be a memorable highlight of your journey to the Marisqueira Rui Restaurant.

Diners here take this sport very seriously, and it is always best to reserve your table early because this Algarve restaurant is forever busy, in season and out. Armed with a board, mallet, and appropriate cutlery, diners have the opportunity to pick out their opponent, and enjoy some delectable starters before beginning their battle to the finish.

All kidding aside, this Silves restaurant does have some of the finest seafood dishes on the Algarve coast. Besides the nightly crab bashing, they offer unique fare such as cockles in cataplana pan, arroz de marisco and clams cooked in white wine. They also stock a wide variety of local and imported wines, fruit drinks for the kids, and an array of yummy desserts to please even the most picky child. One of the favorites is the molotoff pudding made from eggs and lots of sugar.

AT the Marisqueira Rui Restaurant you will find seafood preparations that cannot be found anywhere else. Besides the crab bashing festivities, you can dine on barnacles picked fresh off the coast, and prawns cooked in a stew with coriander and piri-piri sauce. Delightfully tasty all around.

Marisqueira Rui Restaurant
Rua Comendador Vilarinho, 23
8300 Silves Municipality

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