Pezinhos n’Areia

Have Dinner By The Sea At Pezinhos n’ Areia Restaurant

From its beginnings as a simple wooden hut by the sea, this Praia Verde restaurant has grown by leaps and bounds to become an Algarve restaurant staple for this beautiful section of seashore. Since 1983, its customer base has grown so much that they have built on extensions over time, until it reached its current shape, a wooden hexagon built on the shores, which not only supplies delicious food for visitors, but also rents out private dining shelters so that its delicacies can be enjoyed directly on the beach.

Pezinhos n’ Areia Restaurant boasts two daily menus here, a regular menu that contains traditional Portuguese and Algarve restaurant favorites, and a fish menu that is filled with variations based on the freshest catch of the day that can be found in the area. The regular menu is constant, and contains dishes like Cataplanas, Acorda de marisco no pão, and Pataniscas de Camarão, very traditional and satisfying for a reasonable cost, around 15 euros per person..

The ever-changing fish menus at the Pezinhos n’ Areia Restaurant contain such mouth watering delicacies such as shellfish, gold fish, sardines, salmon, sea bass, squid, lobster and shrimp, all caught and bought from local fishermen. The vineyards of Portugal provide the finest in wines for your selection, and everything is guaranteed to excite and satisfy. Every seafood entrée can be baked or grilled to your precise desire, and served with the freshest vegetables and salads available.

Pezinhos n’ Areia Restaurant
Praia Verde
8950-414 Castro Marim

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