No Patio

Know The Heart Of Lagos At The No Patio Restaurant

Set in the very heart of the city, this Lagos restaurant is very charming, with one of the most creative of menus in the Algarve region. Located just inside of the city walls, you will find the No Patio Restaurant at the end of a long and winding street, but keep your eyes peeled because the narrow entrance is very easy to miss.

Once inside, you will follow a stone corridor that will open out into the main dining area, which will then lead out to the beautiful paved courtyard from which this Algarve restaurant takes its name. See, “no” in Portuguese means “in”, and dining here “in patio” means that a wonderful experience in al fresco dining awaits you.

The building itself has quite a history, as it was first part of a farming colony, and where the kitchen is today, used to be stables. Its next incarnation was as a school, and today it is a Lagos restaurant where its chef-owner is constantly teaching the populace that food can be used as a means of creative expression, presenting meals that are deliciously unique.

An Algarve restaurant star, Chef Martyn Allen and his team live to inspire, and astound. The weekly menus at the No Patio Restaurant can be had in two or three courses, and are quite the delight for an average of 20 Euros. We definitely recommend the carpaccio, Thai curries, and the scrumptious Summer Pudding.

No Patio Restaurant
Rua Lançarote de Freitas, 46
Lagos – Algarve

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