Cha Com Agua Salgada

Tradition Thrives At Chá Com Agua Salgada Restaurant

This Manta Rota restaurant has a name that translates literally to “tea with salt water”, an item that is definitely not on the menu but rather an inspiration gathered from the beach which this Algarve restaurant is located upon. Chá Com Agua Salgada Restaurant features both traditional Portuguese dishes, as well as regional meals that draw mainly upon fresh seafood and fish.

The menu during the day tends towards tapas style light meals and snacks rather than full dinner entrees but at night, with the moon shining down and the roaring surf, the atmosphere becomes electric. With a huge inventory of Portuguese wines, and tantalizing original culinary compositions, it is very popular with couples in search of a Manta Rota restaurant for a romantic getaway experience.

The chefs at the Chá Com Agua Salgada Restaurant take experimental cuisine to a whole new level with some of the entrees available, and they are well worth the cost of the journey. Items like Barbequed Stingray, Giant Red Prawns on a Vegetable Symphony, and The Tuna Trilogy, featuring tuna done in tartar form, muxama or dried tuna, and broiled loin of tuna, have to be experienced before you can understand their uniqueness.

If seafood is not to your liking, they also have a selection of meat dishes and desserts like Veal Filet Mignon, Lamb Loin, and Strawberry Tiramisu, which are unique for an Algarve restaurant.

Cha Com Agua Salgada Restaurant
Praia da Manta Rota
8900-065 Vila Nova de Cacela

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