Agua d’Ouro

Welcome to Traditional Porto at the Agua d’Ouro Restaurant

In the heart of the Ribeira district of old Porto, lays the grandeur that is the Pestana Porto Hotel. This is a sweeping building whose architecture blends in with the older buildings around it, rather than standing out garishly, like some of the more recent entries on the other side of town. Nestled upstairs, just above the lobby level, is a beloved entry on the Porto restaurant scene, a gracious fine dining retreat for the weary traveler, the Agua Douro restaurant.

Accessible from both inside the hotel, and from the outside, this Porto restaurant presents itself as a fine candidate for a home of national flavors, with excellent chefs and a diversified, but still traditional menu. With a spacious dining area overlooking the River Douro, it is no wonder that this gem of the Porto restaurant scene is often crowded, with many eager people waiting their turn.

While at the Agua d’Ouro restaurant, be sure to try the regional cod, heavily seasoned with local herbs, and served with homemade breads, or the filet of sea bass, very popular and lying on a bed of garlic prawns and seared potatoes.

In the mood for something a little more experimental? Worry not, they have that as well. One dish that is truly out of the box is the horseradish cannelloni. Absolutely superb, as is the service and the wine list! Appreciative of all their customers’ appetites and budgets, affordable tasting menus and vegetarian dishes are also available.

Agua d’Ouro Restaurant
Praça de Ribeira, 1
Pestana Porto Hotel
4050-513 Porto

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