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Dine In The Midst Of History At The Café Inglês

High above the sleepy town of Silves, along the Algarve coast, stands the majestic Silves Castle. A drawing point for tourists that come regularly to the area, it holds a secret that is not always in the literature about this town, and makes for a delightful surprise once you visit here. Hidden underneath the castle is the very charming Café Ingles, a Silves restaurant, which blends in so well that you would think that it was part of the castle itself.

Done up in the old fashioned Algarve restaurant style, this café-restaurant makes the most of its location, offering good food to all who come to visit the castle, and live music. The tables are set up as if they were in an ancient dining hall, widely spaced so that you do not feel cramped for space, ever.

The menu at this Algarve restaurant is very international, offering such dishes as pizza, gaspacho, tasty salads, and of course, seafood, including prawns and shrimp. This is not your typical tourist fare, but full meals or tapas, if you wish. The desserts served here will definitely recharge your energy after wandering about the spacious castle, all for around 15 Euros apiece.

Everything at Café Ingles is set up for the convenience of their guests, and the staff is very warm and welcoming. There is something for all members of the family to enjoy, and kids in particular are often surprised to find milkshakes available in several flavors, just for them.

Café Ingles
Rua do Castelo, 11

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