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Fine Dining At The Pontalaia Resort: Fio de Pesca Restaurant

A popular destination for tourists every year, the Pontalaia Resort also holds on its grounds one of the rising stars of the Algarve restaurant scene, the charming Fio de Pesca Restaurant. Situated on the western tip of the Algarve shore, it serves both regional Portuguese cuisine, as well as some delightful Mediterranean dishes with the chef’s own special twist.

This Sagres restaurant has some unique décor for the region, as well, blending modern and traditional pieces that can be very easy on the eye. The best of it all is on the ceiling, with some very beautiful frescoes depicting the role of the Sagres region in Portugal’s maritime history, tracing a very spectacular heritage, especially in the seafood trade. For an Algarve restaurant, it seems to double as a wondrous testament to a vibrant people and the land they tamed for their own.

It would not be a Sagres restaurant, of course, without some truly delightful seafood dishes in its repertoire. From the catch of the day, baked or charcoaled to your desires, to some innovative Portuguese and Mediterranean fusion dishes that blend the traditional with the exotic, your palate and your wallet will enjoy every minute of your stay.

Another item of note available at the Fio de Pesca Restaurant is their wide selection of wines, both in region and imported. The owner, Paulo Neves, fancies himself a bit of a wine connoisseur, and is always eager to show guests his treasure trove.

Fio de Pesca Restaurant
Rua Infante D. Henrique
Sagres 8659-301

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