A Cozy Oasis In The Middle Of Porto: Cufra Restaurant

One of several trendy and popular establishments that can be found along the Avenida da Boavista area, the Cufra restaurant combines traditional cuisine and international favorites along with a full snack and grill menu. Such an eclectic mix should draw a crowd that reflects that taste and it does so, admirably.

The name, which is the same as the largest oasis that can be found in the Sahara, also describes the organization of this unusual establishment. Most members of the Porto restaurant scene may have two distinct sections to them or will usually hold different kinds of service functions at different hours of the day. This Porto café sets a whole new example of living to serve their clientele by housing four distinct venues under one roof: snack shop, café, grill restaurant and a snack grill.

Each venue at the Cufra restaurant has its own menu and prices as well as its own particular signature dishes. As shown by success elsewhere, here you can find the popular francesinha, although here it consists of rye bread, ham, steak, spicy sausage and Dutch cheeses. Seafood is the focus of the grill restaurant and you will find it is very affordable and very tasty too.

frequently, the owners of this Porto restaurant get whimsical and indulge in themed food festivals. Ranging from sushi nights to music venues to surprisingly good fetes of haute cuisine, there is something here for everyone. Come for the food, stay for the experiences.

Cufra Restaurant
Avenida da Boavista, 2504
Porto 4100-119

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