Find Music, Good Food And Good Times At Kool Restaurant

The Avenida da Boavista, as any local can tell you, is “the” place to be when seeking the nightlife in Porto. This establishment, located inside the famous Casa da Musica, is no exception, when it comes to partaking of the legendary nightlife here. Nestled on the seventh floor of this unique complex, it is the coolest place to be on a weekend night, and you will find it behind some of the most ornate sculptures to be found in Portugal.

The name Kool Restaurant may sound like it was meant to be a trendy descriptor of the place but actually the name of this Porto restaurant hotspot is an homage to the interior designing and architectural skills of the creator of the Casa da Musica, Rem Koolhaas. Rather than be content to be seen as yet another museum or music hall, the owners went for cutting edge and trendy, hosting concerts, art shows and venues for the unknown multitude of talents that flock around Porto.

The menu at the Kool Restaurant even carries along the musical theme of the complex. While dining under the huge skylight, you can order selections from the overture, intermezzo, gran finale or encore and savor their delectable and freshly made pastas or risottos, or one of their many vegetarian optional menus. The cuisine at this Porto restaurant is Mediterranean fusion, with dishes like roasted vegetables on a bed of scrambled eggs or rolitos of bresaola filled with a cheese mousse.

Kool Restaurant
Avenida da Boavista, 604-610
Casa da Música – Porto

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