Praia da Luz

Find More Than Meets The Eye At The Praia Da Luz Restaurant

One of the trendiest spots today for fine dining and a relaxing good time in Porto can actually be found on the beach bordering Avenida do Brasil. Well, maybe not on the beach itself but just above, perched on the rocks, in a modernistic cube of glass and steel. There has been many a night that visitors have been drawn to this wonder on the Porto restaurant scene by the hypnotic music coming from within or by the glows of fires burning long into the night from inside it. What better place to shelter from the chilly Atlantic breezes and eat well while doing so.

Overlooking the beautiful beaches around Porto and offering two separate terraces for outdoor dining as well as a spacious interior space, the Praia da Luz restaurant is nestled on a site where you can dine on tasty fare while enjoying the magnificent vistas of the Atlantic, day or night. Most nights there is a live DJ performance, a rarity among Porto restaurant venues, featuring a trendy play list that will keep you dancing until they close around 3 in the morning.

The menu at the Praia da Luz restaurant has something for everyone, no matter their preferences. Featuring a variety of simple meat, fish and vegetarian entrees, as well as some very tasty starters, from pancakes and jam to veal steaks with foie gras, it is the perfect fare for a romantic night out or a night of partying.

Praia da Luz Restaurant
Avenida do Brasil – Praia da Luz

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