Experience Fusion Cuisine At Its Finest At The Buhle Restaurant

Only open since 2009, the Buhle Restaurant has certainly made a name for itself, in style, ambience, and experimental cuisine. Located on the western side of Porto, farther out than most, it is perched above the Atlantic Ocean, perfect for spectacular dinner views, especially as the sun goes down. This Porto restaurant does not look fabulous on the outside, but sometimes the best surprises come in less than inspiring wrappers.

Looking more like a shipping container from the outside than a fusion Porto restaurant, entering it will take you back in time to ancient Japan, with the indoor décor resembling a premier geisha house, right down to the artwork on the walls, and the low seats at the tables. Designed by architect Miguel Ribeiro de Sousa and Paulo Lobo, the Buhle Restaurant gives a sense of spaciousness throughout. Sheer curtains divide the individual dining areas, and the nested lighting above each area lends a sense of intimacy to your tableau. It is so unique to the region that it earned this Porto restaurant recognition in Wallpaper Magazine’s Design Awards of 2010.

Another feather in the cap of this Porto restaurant entry is its innovative fusion menu. Blending traditional Portuguese cuisine with Asian delicacies, Chef Rodrigo Garrett has delighted guests since the opening with dishes featuring scrambled eggs, asparagus and goat cheese, alongside wok prepared Mongolian beef, shitake, bok choi and purple onions. It is a delight to all the senses, and not to be missed.

Buhle Restaurant
Avenida Montevideu, 810
Porto 4150-518

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