Sessenta Setenta

Mysterious Flavors Abound At The Sessenta Setenta Restaurant

High above the Douro River lies a centuries old convent that holds within it the latest gem on the Porto restaurant scene. Decked out with heavy black oak tables and satin upholstered chairs, this Porto fine dining establishment has a menu that is unique and experimental in nature, although some might argue that it is not only worth the search to find it but also worth the prices they charge.

The name Sessenta Setenta restaurant translates into the phrase “sixty seventy”, but insiders insist that it is far more than that. They claim that it is really a play on words and if spoken with the proper accent on the right syllables, this Porto restaurant bears the name “se senta, se tenta”, which then translates into “if you sit, you are tempted”. That sense of whimsy can also be attached to the ever-changing menu, which consists primarily of international dishes, with experimental flavorings and components added.

Like most Porto restaurant establishments, the Sessenta Setenta restaurant offers dishes unique to their locale, with a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. Here, you will find duck magret, seafood flavored with unique herbs, and a wide selection of wines to match. The blending concoctions of their chefs may not be to everyone’s liking but at least nothing is predictable here. With so many new restaurants appearing daily, you have to find a way to be so different that you get noticed and this establishment definitely has.

Sessenta Setenta
Rua de Sobre-o-Douro, 1A

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