Grappa By Chakall

Opulent Dining In A Historic Setting: Grappa By Chakall

Chakall, whose name adorns the façade of his Porto restaurant, nestled within the historic Porto Palacio Hotel, is an Argentina native with his own sense of outrageous flair and style. He brings his specialty of blending the flavors of his homeland with Italian dishes to a pantheon of fine living, dining and an appreciation for history and fine arts.

Grappa By Chakall Restaurant is not the only Porto restaurant to be housed in the Porto Palacio Hotel, for there are two other resident restaurant stars that share his stage, Madruga which specializes in offering American-style buffets and the Nautilus, a bar that caters to the music-loving citizens and visitors.

Chef Chakall goes beyond the limitations of his neighbors by offering a series of unique Mediterranean dishes fused with Argentine cuisine and gourmet delights. An affordable dinner menu at the Grappa By Chakall Restaurant offers such treats as Thai Basil and Shrimp, Aranzani with Prosciutto and Melon, and delightful desserts like the Carmelized Pear Carpaccio.

There is also an extensive lunch menu available that focuses on healthy dishes, light in composition, as well as plentiful salads, risottos, pizzas and a plethora of pasta combinations. Vegetarians will love his unique blends of vegetables, fruits and herbs, so subtly devised that you may not realize how healthy the dishes really are.

Grappa By Chakall Restaurant
Porto Palacio Hotel
Avenida da Boavista, 1277
Porto 4100-130

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