Parque das Nacoes Lisbon District

Parque das Nacoes:  The newest born Lisbon district

The world-class Parque das Nacoes Lisbon district owes what it is today to the Expo ’98 World Exhibition, held between May and September of 1998. In this event themed as “The Oceans: A Heritage for the Future,” the area welcomed 130 countries and international organizations with its state-of-the-art and modern infrastructures. Also known as Park of Nations, the city district has definitely made a mark in Lisbon and left a brand new riverside area that is a major attraction both for locals and tourists.

In Parque das Nacoes visitors can find a stupendous aquarium known as the Oceanarium, which is considered Europe’s largest and with greater diversity of species, with almost 15,000 plants and animals from over 450 different species. Ocenarium largest tank, the Global Ocean tank, is seven meters deep, and is home to several shark species and features several big sized stingray’s.

Park of Nations is also an exhibition of architectural wonders. Proving these are the Sao Gabriel and Sao Rafael twin towers. The towers are shaped like giant sailboats, and they are named after two of Vasco de Gama’s ships. Then there is the Vasco de Gama tower, which is 575 feet or 145 meters high and the tallest building in Lisbon. From above, tourists can witness the beauty of the whole district, or they can just sit and relax at the restaurant at the top of the tower.

Also in Parque das Nacoes Lisbon District, visitors can find several pavilions that will suit the tourists’ various interests. Science and technology buffs, for instance, may want to visit the Pavilion of Knowledge, where different activities are held, such as exhibitions, debates, and conferences. Fans of live concerts, on the other hand, can go to the Atlantic Pavilion where well-appointed shows are regularly held.

To get around the Park of Nations, tourists can choose to walk, rent a bike available in one of the several spots available or, having more fun, hop on a toy train that passes by the main spots and attractions every twenty minutes. Also, more exciting, they can take the cable car that travels from one end to the other, while providing amazing panoramic views of the area.

For those who just want to sit and take in the beauty of the river and the Vasco da Gama Bridge, they can choose a spot for themselves in one of the district’s many gardens.

After touring the area, visitors may be ready to stop by one of the many restaurants that can be found on the riverfront or just spend some time doing great shopping at Vasco de Gama Shopping Center.

The easiest way to get to there is by metro, which stops at the Oriente Station, right in front of the Shopping Center. From there, tourists can go around the district and check out its many attractions.

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