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Madragoa Lisbon District

Madragoa: The living legacy of a Portuguese-style district Adjacent to the wonderful and genuine center of Lisbon, visitors can find a locally famous district known as “Madragoa”. Madragoa Lisbon area considered one of the traditional “bairros” (neighborhood) in the...
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Parque das Nacoes Lisbon District

Parque das Nacoes:  The newest born Lisbon district The world-class Parque das Nacoes Lisbon district owes what it is today to the Expo ’98 World Exhibition, held between May and September of 1998. In this event themed as “The...
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Alfama Lisbon District

Alfama: The Quaint Lisbon Neighborhood Alfama Lisbon District is where travelers can enjoy insights to authentic Portuguese way of life, in the capital’s oldest and most historic district. The humble neighborhood with narrow alleyways, steep streets, crumbling churches and...
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Praca do Rossio

Praca do Rossio: The city center Praca do Rossio Lisbon area, or the Rossio Square, is one of the most beautiful places to see in Lisbon. The square, which is located in downtown Lisbon, has been a witness to...
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Cais da Ribeira Porto District

Cais da Ribeira, the Medieval Heart and Soul of Porto The Cais da Ribeira Porto district is located on the waterfront and in the city center, is the most picturesque part and a place everyone is enticed to visit....
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Belem Lisbon District

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The quaint historic Belem Lisbon district is home to museums, parks, cafes and other intriguing sights of discovery. If the meandering streets of Belem in Lisbon are not enough to make one lose track of time
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Chiado Lisbon District

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Chiado – Charming hotspot for shopping and cultural sights The cultural and shopping mecca of Lisbon is undisputedly the Chiado Lisbon district, whose elegant street ‘Rua Garrett’ has been placed along with other glamorous  and fashionable streets around the...
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