Madragoa Lisbon District

Madragoa: The living legacy of a Portuguese-style district

Adjacent to the wonderful and genuine center of Lisbon, visitors can find a locally famous district known as “Madragoa”. Madragoa Lisbon area considered one of the traditional “bairros” (neighborhood) in the city, derived its name from the Convent of the Mothers of Goa.

Before the city was hit by a massive earthquake in 1755, the district was known as Mocambo, which is an African term given by the first settlers in the area.

As time went by, so did the district. During the 18th to 19th century, Madragoa Lisbon neighborhood was famous for its fishing industry, which was the primary source of income of most of its residents. Today, however, located just a 15-minute walk from the centre of the city, the district became a quarter of Lisbon, serving as host to a number of facilities.

What’s most surprising about Madragoa though is that although it is located close to modern establishments like shopping malls and entertainment avenues, it still managed to keep many  of its authentic features, including the incredibly narrow streets and very small houses along the way. Here, visitors can also get a glimpse of canaries in cages and of affable people, or enjoy the scent Portuguese coffee—a  typical scene in authentic Lisbonese districts.  There are also stores in the area that sell Portuguese delicacies to complete each tourist’s travel experience.

However, while the district is known to have preserved its authentic attractions, it is also home to many modern facilities, including entertainment venues for those looking for a vibrant nightlife. Madragoa Lisbon area plays host to a number of restaurants that serve authentic Portuguese food. Among the most well-known restaurants in the area are the A Travessa, Varina da Madragoa, Kalashnikov, and Clube dos Jornalistas.

Very close, walking towards the river, visitors can also find the trendy neighborhood of Santos, home to some of the best designer shops, restaurants and bars in town.

Getting to the Madragoa district is easy and visitors may choose to take a cab or the bus line 91 that crosses the area.

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