Nariz de Vinho Tinto

Nariz de Vinho Tinto Restaurant: A Treat For Refined Palates

The brainchild of Antonio Inacio, this Lisbon restaurant has become the darling of late for the local gourmands. Situated in the elegant district of Lapa, the owner regularly keeps his wine stock fresh with local vintages, and never uses anything but the best of local produce in his dishes, much to the delight of the local farmers, we are sure.

Nariz de Vinho Tinto restaurant specializes in the finest of traditional Portuguese fare, and the average cost per person of around 30 Euros makes it accessible for all those looking for a more refined palate experience

The dining rooms reflect its owner’s love of everything food. With a name that loosely translates into “Red Wine Nose”, it is no surprise that prized collector’s bottles are nestled along its walls, between cookbooks from all over the world, some of which are costly first editions and out of print tomes in a host of languages.

You can literally get the best of everything in this Lisbon restaurant, from starters of tuna tartar, served with bread and olives, to platters of Pata Negra ham and smoky game sausage, made on site year round.

Inacio raises the level of quality in Portuguese cuisine to an all new high with inventive experiments in traditional fare. After dining, desserts are offered a la carte, from the traditional, old-style trolley cart that makes regular rounds throughout all dining areas. Sweet temptations that the strongest may not be able to resist.

Nariz de Vinho Tinto
Rua do Conde, 75
Lisbon 1200-636

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