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Steeped In Tradition: O Poleiro Restaurant

Portugal has long enjoyed a rich and wonderful tradition of creating hearty and delightfully delicious dishes that are unique to their region, especially in the Minho and Alentejo areas.

O Poleiro Restaurant in Lisbon aims to let that tradition continue for many generations to come and the ownership has dedicated itself to bringing all of the dishes of the past to the public. In addition to their traditional dishes, they also serve their own creations with a twist, making it a proud representative of the thriving Lisbon restaurant scene.

O Poleiro Restaurant offers traditional cuisine, for a reasonable price, with entrée menus averaging out at around 30 Euros, with a wealth of gastronomic history to be had.

The ambiance of this Lisbon restaurants gem is that of a country home, with several smaller dining rooms set apart from the main floor, designed to hold groups of friends or families of any number. Peaceful and inviting, all of it designed to encourage that feeling of well-being that comes naturally with good food, drink and companionship.

For more than twenty years now, the chefs at O Poleiro restaurant have presented Lisbon locals and visitors with only the best that Portuguese cuisine has to offer. Three particular favorites that can be found here are dishes like Bacalhau a Minhota or fried codfish Minho style, Arroz de Pato or duck with rice, and Feijoada a Transmontana or bean stew, all of them bring rave reviews and a lot of requests, both in and out of season.

O Poleiro Restaurant
Rua de Entrecampos, 30A
1700-158 Lisbon

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