O Jacinto

O Jacinto Restaurant: A Long History Of Tasty Tradition

With a history of nearly 40 years serving the best in Portuguese cuisine, O Jacinto Restaurant is one of the most popular dining traditions on the Lisbon restaurant scene.

Located in a converted villa-turned-restaurant, located in the Telheiras residential district, it still boasts some of the best seafood in Lisbon. There, guests can taste their very popular seafood and bread soup, as well as the sweetest candy eggs ever produced in the region.

Operating on two floors of the former villa, the O Jacinto Restaurante has a lot of space on the lower floor for public dining, with décor of warm and welcoming colors, whith white linens and fine china on every table. The upper levels are reserved for private party dining, with dark wood paneling and carpeting. The average cost per diner will run around 25 Euros, making them a good value option in the city of Lisbon.

The food is generally very well prepared, and the service attentive and professional. The seafood is the most popular request on the menu, with their steaks and pork meals coming in a close second.

Several times a year, this Lisbon restaurant hosts wine tasting competitions, and invite all of the local wineries to bring their best new vintages for the public to try, also they have one of the most extensive wine cellars available within the city limits.

O Jacinto Restaurant
Av Ventura Terra, 2
1600 Lisbon

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