Kapital Disco Club

Become Notorious At Kapital

When you have a reputation for having the most trendy and cutting-edge clubs in Europe, you would have to expect a disco like Kapital to be in the thick of it in Lisbon. Located near the docks along the River Tagus, this dance club and bar appeals to all members of Portuguese society. On any given night, you can count on seeing at least one celebrity surrounded by their posse, dancing the night away.

Located in a triangle with another dance club, Kremlin, and across from the trendy supper club KAIS, Kapital never lacks for activity or excitement. The crowds, the live bands, and weekend DJ activities have made this section of the docklands notorious for loud music, rowdy patrons, and some very exciting nights.

Towering over Lisbon docks with three fully active floors, it tends to stand out from the rest of the club scene. The animated lights surrounding the first floor dance area can be entrancing, pulsing to experimental beats. The second floor holds the main drinking area, with comfortable furniture to collapse into between dances. The third floor features a second dance floor, with the venue keyed to strictly 80s dance tunes.

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