Cais da Ribeira Porto District

Cais da Ribeira, the Medieval Heart and Soul of Porto

The Cais da Ribeira Porto district is located on the waterfront and in the city center, is the most picturesque part and a place everyone is enticed to visit. The area has a myriad of medieval narrow streets and narrower alleyways, with ancient buildings in some stage of decay. Old homes of multiple hues stand guard over the waterfront and the harbor is filled with typical boats, from small to large. In 1996 the Cais de Ribeira area was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Cais da Ribeira is a romantic spot that comes alive as the sun sets, when the numerous cafés, bars and restaurants help bring up the nightlife in Cais Ribeira Porto area. Couples can be seen walking arm in arm along the water, enjoying the rhythm of the music coming from the bars and cafes and taking in the breeze coming off the waters. If you are lucky enough to be there for Saint John’s Day in June, you will be entertained by a must see fireworks display and a huge street party.

This area of Porto is the best place to sightsee and also to be seen. The square is full of tables, that surround a bronze cube – part of a 20th century fountain by Jose Rodrigues that has pigeons on top. The tables are equipped with umbrellas to shade you from the warm sun and make you want to stay watching the passersby. Around the corner on Rua da Alfandega is Casa de Infante or House of the Prince, birthplace of Prince Henry the Navigator which was born in 1934. The building is now home to the city’s archives, after having at one time been the customs house.

Cais da Ribeira Porto area also has hotels close by with good services and reasonable prices. The restaurant scene is lively and full of different options. There are restaurants that offer local cuisine to get a taste of Porto and also a multitude of restaurants catering to the most discerning palate.

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