Dom Tonho

Experience Tradition On The Waterfront At The Dom Tonho

You might think that you are seeing double when you choose to visit this gem on the Porto restaurant scene. Don’t worry, you are not seeing double. There are in fact two restaurants with the same name, in Porto, located directly across from one another across the Douro River. One restaurant, the original one, has a physical bit of the historic Porto city inside of it and the other is a more recent addition, dedicated to serving the locals a more modern cuisine with a lighter touch.

The original Dom Tonho restaurant is located between the Douro and Dom Luis bridges, with a fantastic view of each from its dining area. Inside, part of its existing walls contains a section of the 14th century wall, which lined the banks of the Douro when the city was founded. This Porto restaurant offers traditional Portuguese dishes, with a few modern twists, along with more than 600 wine labels, a literal reference library for gastronomic researchers worldwide.

The second establishment, directly across the river, has as its mainstay lighter versions of the original recipes served at the original. Both Dom Tonho restaurants are owned by the same local pop star, and are a haven for the famous as well as operating a good tourist trade, since 1992. Try the sea bass with a salt crust or roasted goat in red wine, both delicious and worth the wait in the 18th century bar.

Dom Tonho Restaurant
Cais da Ribeira, 14/15
4050-509 Porto

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