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Caves Calem: Home To Porto’s Most Famous Export

Caves Calem in Porto is one of the most famous wine cellars in Porto, the city of ‘Port Wine’ in Portugal. The cellars are one of the many places where true port wine or “Vinho do Porto” as the Portuguese call it, can be found.

Wine lodges like Calem Cellars began shipping their famous produce to Brazil in exchange for Brazilian woods back in 1859. However, now the lodge has been thrown open to tourists and people can take a complete tour of the renovated Caves Calem in Porto. Since the cellars won the coveted “Best of Wine Tourism” award for its architecture in 2006, it is a must visit on every Porto itinerary. Guided tours are available in many different languages and the entire process of how port wine is made is explained to visitors.

A part of the Caves Calem is also a wine museum with further information on the subject. The tasting room allows sampling of famous port wines produced here. Also items like the Porto Vintage and other gifts can be bought and taken back home.

The city of Porto is the 2nd largest city in Portugal and its fortified wine, made from special grapes produced in the Douro Valley make it a city of significance in the country. With 15 wine cellars in the Gaia area of Porto, the city is truly a must visit for all port wine lovers. The most famous among these are the Caves Calem and Caves Sandeman among others.

For those tourists who want to experience the authentic flavor of Portugal, visits to wine caves like the Calem Cellars are a must. The Cellar can be found on Douro River’s south bank in the old part of the city when walking from the D. Luis I bridge in the south direction.

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