Alecrim as Flores

Alecrim as Flores Restaurant: The Heart Of Lisbon Cuisine

Located at the historic heart of the city of Lisbon, Alecrim as Flores restaurant stands strong as a bastion of traditional and affordable Portuguese cuisine.

The owners have taken great measures to preserve their building’s historic architecture, and the interior is just modern enough to highlight the original decorative touches left behind. Even the dishes, traditional as they are, have the chef’s unique modern touches added to enhance the regional flavors going far beyond a simple interpretation.

This distinctive Lisbon restaurant is housed in a carefully refurbished 18th century building, complete with stone arches, domes and brick balustrades. The chef, Edson Lopes, credits the building’s atmosphere as his main influence, but cannot resist adding a little twist to every dish he prepares. He believes that the menu should change daily, in order to keep everything fresh, and his guests find it a charming and pleasant surprise to drop by, just to see what is new on any given day.

For a reasonable price, averaging around 20 Euros, diners at the Alecrim as Flores can have anything from codfish done in the Bras style, or a fish salad with prawns and mayonnaise or duck rice, which is a flavorful and perennial favorite with the locals as well as tourists.

Feeling the pressure from his competitors on the Lisbon restaurant scene, he could have changed but did not, preferring instead to let the food speak for itself, which it has done successfully.

Alecrim ás Flores restaurant is traditional, but with his own unique interpretation and delightfully tasty.

Alecrim as Flores Restaurant
Travessa do Alecrim, 4
1200-019 Lisbon

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