Tasca da Esquina

Tasca Da Esquina Restaurant: Chef Sobral’s New Vision

Located close to one of the most famous landmarks in Lisbon, the Basilica da Estrela, the Tasca da Esquina Restaurant is a recent opening on the Lisbon restaurant thriving scene, bringing traditional Portuguese cuisine into the gourmet marketplace.

Its chef, and owner, is the locally famous Vitor Sobral, the man behind quite a few of the best and trendiest Lisbon restaurants, decided that his latest would be his own interpretation of the tapas, a vibrant Spanish tradition in dining.

Just like the Spanish tapas, the atmosphere is very casual and informal. Unlike the established tapas, Sobral’s Portuguese interpretation elevates the standard to a new level. At Tasca da Esquina restaurant you find celebrity cuisine at prices for the common man.

Meals may include everything from pig’s tails dressed in coriander, to sautéed quail legs, which you surely will not find on the menu at the common tapas.

The prices here do not necessarily reflect the tradition that Sobral has tried to reinterpret. The tasting menu, samples of some of his best dishes, will feed two people for around 40 to 50 Euros, a price above the regular tapas experience. However, if that’s not an obstacle, you should go for the experience; it is definitely worth your while. Our favorite: thin slices of delicious, warm black pork, served on delicately toasted house bread, and pudding made with port wine; it’s simply heavenly.

Tasca da Esquina Restaurant
Rua Domingos Sequeira, 41C
Campo de Ourique

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