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Where The Future Meets The Past: O Policia Restaurant

One of the oldest stars on the Lisbon restaurant scene, O Policia restaurant offers a quality rendition of traditional Portuguese cuisine in a simple and comfortable environment, a blending of old world architectures and modern design.

So named because it used to be a meeting place for the police officers (“Policia” in Portuguese) around the early 1900s, this family owned establishment in Lisbon has come far from its early tavern days, and has quite a promising future.

Founded by Teotonio Miranda, the fourth generation now runs the O Policia restaurant, a gem of a café flanked by the gardens of the Fundaco Calouste Gulbenkian Gallery and Museum.

The décor is old fashioned, all teak, tile and pine. One wall is covered in script detailing the history of the restaurant as well as the family that has run it for generations. The floors are all done in black and white mosaics, reminiscent of the pavement of the founders Baixa home district.

One thing that has not changed over the years at this Lisbon restaurant is the pricing, which is still affordable, with dinner tabs with wine not costing over 20 Euros. And, the food… Huge portions fit to feed two of all the meats, fish, salads and desserts that are a large part of Lisbon cuisine.

If you want to find a very traditional place, with your meat well done and your custard with meringue, this is one of the places to go.

O Policia Restaurant
R Marques Sa da Bandeira, 110A
1050 Lisbon

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