Discover Fresh Indian Cuisine At The Tamarind Restaurant

Legendary in status amongst the Lisbon restaurant scene, and often touted and praised on travel websites, all the words in the world cannot describe the culinary sensations that can be experienced at the Tamarind Restaurant in Lisbon.

Chef Dave Walia has taken his love for Indian cuisine and turned it into a fine art, creating new and inspired dishes based on traditional meals for a whole new audience.

With a menu based upon the Hindu principles of Ayurveda, which deal with the importance of the maintenance of life through the body, Walia has created a whole new cuisine based upon the sensory application of food to life, and the enjoyment of both.

Surrounded by calming tones of pink and blue, with soft lighting and attentive staff, it is so very easy to relax and let the sensations the food brings wash over you, right down to your very soul.

Reasonably priced meals, averaging around 20 Euros, are not the only draw for this Lisbon restaurant. The soft-spoken chef, his attitude towards his food, and the soft way he has of explaining even the most esoteric principles of his faith, has charmed the locals into returning again and again for his unique interpretation of traditional Indian cuisine.

You will not find an overindulgence of curry and chilies at the Tamarind Restaurant, but rather just enough spices are added to make each dish an enigmatic palate puzzle and a unique experience.

Rua da Gloria, 43-45

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