Eira do Mel

Feed Your Soul At The Eira Do Mel Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Vila do Bispo, a small village in the southwestern corner of the Algarve Portugal region. Visitors here seek to relax, regenerate and rejuvenate themselves, and what better place to do this than by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Here, everything is geared towards taking things slow, easy, and restful, even the dining.

At Eira do Mel restaurant, the chef believes in the principle of “slow food” dining. Everything at this Algarve restaurant served and created in ways that respect the environment, human health and animal welfare, and the food created here should be enjoyed in a way that amplifies its taste and gives you time to savor every detail. He truly believes that food is the best way to rejuvenate your soul and that it is an experience that should be treasured, moment by moment.

Situated within an old whitewashed farmhouse, decked out with antiques, gingham tablecloths and hand painted blue windows, Eira do Mel restaurant is a quickly rising star on the dining scene in Algarve. The cuisine is Portuguese country cooking at its finest, with a reasonable price, averaging between 10 and 30 Euros.

All ingredients come from the local Algarve farmers, from the wheat used in their tasty breads, to the olives that adorn every table as snacks. Rabbit and lamb stews are popular, as is the delectable grilled bream that many locals adore.

Eira do Mel Restaurant
Estrada do Castelejo
8651-999 Vila do Bispo

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