Adega da Marina

The Adega da Marina: A Pleasant Change of Pace

Unlike the average Lagos restaurant you will see in this vibrant town in the Algarve coast, there will be no fancy signs inviting you to dine there, nor will you see crowds of people hanging outside, waiting for a seat. In fact, unless you know where to look for the charming Adega da Marina Restaurant, you may just pass it by.

It looks just like an average pub on the outside, like some Algarve restaurant where you can expect nothing more than tapas at the bar. Once inside, however, you can fully take in the sheer enormity of the space available, as it is quite large for a Lagos restaurant, even those who share a certain reputation for fine dining.

One thing to remember about dining at this vibrant Algarve restaurant: if you want a quiet evening of fine food with a loved one, you might be better going to another establishment. Strikingly similar to an American sports bar, this restaurant is neither quiet nor romantic in nature. The two huge flat screen televisions on adjoining walls should give you a clue as to its popularity, with appropriate memorabilia for decor.

Fine seafood and steaks rule the day and the night at the Adega da Marina Restaurant. Everything is grilled to perfection, and ordering the main course plus starters will also get you free drinks for the evening. Not bad considering most dinners will run you around nine Euros per person.

Adega da Marina Restaurant
Avenida dos Descobrimentos, 35
Lagos, Portugal

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