Praia Dona Ana Beach

Praia Dona Ana Beach: Picture perfect beach in Algarve

Praia Dona Ana Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in Lagos, a town in Algarve, Portugal. The majestic rock formations, cliffs and the scenic beach with sandy coves are just some of the attractions that have lured local, foreign tourists and photographers to visit the place.

There are two ways to explore the beauty of Dona Ana Beach Algarve. One of which is to reach cliff top to enjoy a breathtaking view of the blue sea, the sky and the mysterious rock formations. The best time to go there is during sunrise and sunset. Embossed with the sun’s tangerine rays, the rock formations and cliffs offer a magnificent sight against the blue sky and sea. At the cliff side restaurants, visitors can also enjoy sumptuous food while having a bird’s eye view of the area.

Another way to get up close with Praia Dona Ana Beach splendor is to get a beach level perspective, by touring around the grottos by foot or by boat. Surrounded by striking grottoes and cliffs, each tourist will surely get enamored by the beauty and the mystery that envelop the place.

Guests can also indulge in a wide variety of activities at Praia Dona Ana Beach, including sailing, parasailing, playing tennis, hitting fitness club, and waterskiing , to name a few. For tourists who need to digitally transport while on vacation, internet access is also available for a fee.

Another attraction within the Praia Dona Ana beach area is the lighthouse that proudly stands near the Ponte da Piedade road. From the beach, the lighthouse can be reached by foot. From the top of the lighthouse, visitors can marvel at the breathtaking view of the mysterious rock formations as well as the colorful fishing boats in the neighboring town of Lagos.
Accommodations with great sea-views are easy to find at Praia Dona Ana Beach Algarve Area, so visitors can choos one of the close by hotels or rental apartments.

Praia Dona Ana Beach is located close to the town of Lagos in Algarve Portugal Region, being easily accessible by bus or driving.

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