Praia Sao Rafael Beach

Praia Sao Rafael beach: A True Treasure Of The Algarve

Praia Sao Rafael Beach in Algarve is a picturesque beach a short distance from the popular resort of Albufeira. A gorgeous beach, Sao Rafael is blessed with fine sand and surrounded by some spectacular limestone rock formations like the Ponte Pequena or the Small Bridge and the Ninho das Andorinhas or the Swallow’s Nest. Years of erosion have led to these fascinating formations and many tourists only visit the beach to take a look at them.

Though one can walk to the beach from nearby resort, most visitors prefer to get to it by a vehicle. Vehicles can be parked on the cliff, but only a designated number of cars are allowed in a day so as not to destabilize the cliff.

The Algarve region of Portugal is known for its beautiful and scenic beaches and coastline. And Sao Rafael beach Algarve region doesn’t disappoint. Being a relatively small beach, it’s a crowded place during peak tourist season. However, those looking for private bays or coves can find tiny secluded areas around the beach, which are also protected by these really tall rock formations.

An EEC Blue Flag beach, the Praia Sao Rafael in Algarve has several facilities like good restaurants, public showers, and various beach rental shops, among others. Seawater temperature can reach a warm 25 ºC during summer, making it ideal for swimming.

One of the advantages of visiting the Sao Rafael beach is the fact that after a day of swimming and sunbathing, one can get to Albufeira, which is just a couple of miles in the east direction, to enjoy fine dining and clubbing. The village is famous for its bars and cafes and has a wide choice of hot and happening restaurants with clubs to provide plenty of entertainment and fun!

Also, the fact that the Sao Rafael Beach in Algarve is conveniently close (less than 30 minutes drive) to the Faro Airport, also contributes towards its being so popular with the tourists.

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