O Comercial

Find Contemporary Cuisine In An Unlikely Setting At O Comercial

One of the biggest landmarks on the skyline of Porto is the Palacio da Bolsa or the Stock Exchange Palace. Hidden within this historic and beautifully designed building is a venue that most visitors might not expect to see: a veritable gem on the Porto restaurant scene. As tastefully and classy as the rest of the monument in their décor, with beautiful antiques everywhere, the O Comercial Restaurant stands out with a trendy menu that mixes traditional Portuguese cuisine with modern Mediterranean trends.

The look of the O Comercial Restaurant might give the impression that dining here might be as chancy as the current stock market trade but you would be wrong. There are several affordable menus available here, with matching wine costs that would give many other Porto restaurants a definite nightmare to match. For example, the five course tasting menu will only cost around 25 Euros per person and 10 Euros in matching wines, with dishes that go beyond comparison with other more expensive venues. Less of shock with the bill, but very delicious. For the traveler, a definite win!

Those menus are also the reason that this little gem in Porto is always crowded, especially on the weekends. The website takes reservations, and you will also find special deals that are only available to those who visit the site, making it a definite not-miss for the great food, and the great deals. Seafood, pasta, delightful meat dishes and decadent desserts, perfecto!

O Comercial Restaurant
Palacio da Bolsa – Rua Ferreira Borges
4050-252 Porto


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