Casa D’Oro

Enjoy Fine Italian Cuisine On The Waterfront At The Casa D’Oro

There is a nondescript, square building on the waterfront along the edge of the city of Porto, which appears to be a bit of a mystery from the outside. Observers can easily see lots of people coming and going from this decidedly unattractive building, but there is no sign pronouncing its fare or business. You simply have to go inside to see what’s up and what you will find just might surprise you. Welcome to one of the best kept secrets in the Porto restaurant scene, the Casa d’Oro Restaurant.

The first thing you notice at the Casa d’Oro Restaurant is all the dressings and décor of a classic Italian restaurant, from the linen tablecloths to the candles on every table. The smells of fresh pasta, tomatoes and aromatic wood permeate the building, and as platters bearing pizzas, spaghetti and lasagna make their way through the room, you realize that you have found a true Italian restaurant on the waterfront!

Outdoor seating is available on the upper terrace in good weather and the inside can get quite crowded. If you do not enjoy being squeezed in at a table with people you do not know, you may want to avoid visiting this Porto restaurant at this time.

Authentic wood burning ovens, at the back, facing the Porto waterfront, are responsible for that delectable aroma, and the wood they burn in them only enhances the flavors of the pizza, whether standard, plain or vegetarian.

Casa D’Oro
Rua do Ouro, 797
4150-555 Porto

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