Experience The Romance Of Amazonia At The Guarany Restaurant

During the early years of expansion by the Portuguese Empire, one of the lands conquered was what is known today as Brazil. Resident there was a large tribe of native Indians collectively known as the Guarani, and their exotic costumes and visage became the stuff of legend and romance as time went by. Jose de Alencar made them famous with his short story about a Portuguese noblewoman who had fallen in love with a Guarani chieftain, which also became an opera by Carlos Gomes. These tales became such an obsession in Portugal that the myths of Amazonia, as it was known, were soon immortalized in artwork everywhere.

When the Guarany restaurant was first opened in 1933, they capitalized on these legends and had one of their neighboring artists adorn the interior walls with scenes of romanticized life in Amazonia. Now the Guarany restaurant is a popular brasserie and café, with fair prices and simple fare that are just as unique an experience as those that can be found at any more expensive eatery in Porto.

Known throughout the Porto restaurant scene for its Magret of Duckling in Port Wine Sauce, the chefs here do not disappoint. Sometimes a venue for concerts by popular local bands and poetry slams, the sandwiches, soups and salads fly out of the kitchen, served by a charming staff that loves to quote the romantic tales of old Amazonia to all that will listen.

Guarany Restaurant
Avenida dos Aliados, 85

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