Rustic Dining By The Beach: Evaristo Restaurant

A few miles west from the town of Albufeira, in Algarve Portugal region, lies the Evaristo restaurant. Located in the beach of the same name, it is a truly beautiful place to dine, perched upon a rock terrace overlooking the ocean.

Unlike most restaurants in Algarve (and in Portugal), Evaristo restaurant has absolutely no menu, none at all. Instead, guests are invited to choose their meal from a chilled bar located near the terrace entrance. Everything within the choices available is literally “the catch of the day”, and is well worth the extra effort of selecting it on site.

The options available are many and diverse, ranging from tuna and cod to giant prawns. After your choice, the chefs at this Algarve restaurant take the fresh seafood and transform it into delicious dishes, suited for the most demanding palate. However, if you are not very fond of seafood, there is an alternative selection of meats available.

Here, your cost will be based upon the weight of your selection. Still, in all, for seafood it is a very reasonable price. Most patrons see an average bill of around 30 Euros, including wine, and starters such as tuna pate.

Also this is one of the few family oriented restaurants along the oceanfront, Evaristo restaurant has play areas and gardens to entertain the children while waiting for the meals to be prepared. Even the choosiest child will find something they like here, from clams and chips to chicken tapas, and also some delightful desserts.

Evaristo Restaurant
Praia do Evaristo
8200-387 Albufeira

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