Adega Nova

Visit The Heart Of Faro At The Adega Nova Restaurant

If returning visitors to Portugal and the Algarve region were asked to name their top five favorite restaurants, this Faro restaurant would certainly be on their lists. A star on the Algarve restaurant scene since the 80’s, the Adega Nova Restaurant is the best place to find traditional Portuguese cuisine in the historical districts of Faro.

Tucked away on a side street very close to the historic heart of Faro, this Algarve restaurant is all about tradition. Hearty Portuguese food, wine drawn from all over Portugal, and homemade desserts guaranteed to delight and satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. The décor consists of a lot of wood, ceramics and the bench seating here definitely cries out family style.

The staff at the Adega Nova Restaurant will bring appetizers to your table soon after you are seated and still deciding on your dinner selections. Sausages, cheese and fresh baked bread are the staple here, and your meal selections run the gamut from fresh fish and rice, to traditional dishes containing lamb, beef and chicken. For around 20 Euros per person, you certainly get a lot of great food at this Faro restaurant!

Some dishes, even starters, are more than enough to feed two people, we assure you. And the desserts! Created fresh daily, the traditional treats include custards, tortas, tarts and our favorite, marzipan. Be sure to save room for espresso and at least one of these tasty delights; you will not be disappointed.

Adega Nova Restaurant
Rua Francisco Barreto, 24
8000-344 Faro

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