Adega Vila Lisa

Experience the Simple Flair of the Adega Vila Lisa Restaurant

Along the road from Lagos to Portimao, there is a lovely little gem of a restaurant, just waiting for you to discover. Nestled up above this spacious farming village of Mexilhoeira Grande is a bona fide family style restaurant with all the flavors of a more auspicious five star Algarve restaurant, hidden within its humble abode.

Located within an unpretentious whitewashed yellow and blue farmhouse, the seating at the Adega Vila Lisa Restaurant is rustic to be sure, large wooden tables and benches, where neighbors and visitors alike sit elbow to elbow enjoying the generous fare offered here. Farmers, tourists and celebrities, all get here for the same reason:Vila Lisa’s fantastic food.

This Mexilhoeira Grande restaurant is always crowded, upstairs, downstairs, and even out on the patio, and there is no menu; just platter after platter of traditional Portuguese food, enough to make the fanciest Algarve restaurant look as if they serve only crumbs to their guests.

Starters like Morcela sausage with white cheese and potatoes, or eggs scrambled with tomato sauce with lots of fresh baked bread, is only the beginning. The starters are soon followed by dogfish soup, broad beans with fried Toucinho, Morcela and scabbard fish, or slow roasted leg of pork to be savored.

For around 30 Euros per diner, it is literally all you can eat at the Adega Vila Lisa restaurant. Don’t forget the Medronho, served icy and home brewed from the local strawberry trees, fire water with a kick that will make you love this Algarve restaurant.

Adega Vila Lisa Restaurant
Rua Francisco Bivar
8500-132 Mexilhoeira Grande

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