O Terraco

O Terraco

An open air bar opened on the top of the Mercado-Building. Great view, great atmosphere to have a beer on top of the city in the sun.

This is more than enough to smell the city, to love it. Check visually from Parque Eduardo VII, pass thru Torres das Amoreiras, Igreja do Carmo, bridge 25 de Abril, Tejo river, and end on the roofs of the city again. There’s space, plenty of it. It is not one of those places with 4 or 5 tables, crowded. No it isn’t. It has sofas, several of them tables and chairs to everybody, you just have to bring the company.

Have breakfast here, go with the juices or the appetizers in the evening.

Calçada do Marquês de Tancos 3
Mercado do Chão do Loureiro

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