Village of Nazaré

Nazaré: Exploring a Divine, Old Town

According to legend, the town of Nazare in Portugal, was named after a small statue of the Virgin Mary, which a monk brought to the town from Nazareth in the 4th century. True to its name, the town, which is located in the subregion of Oeste and Leiria, is divine. Nazare, Portugal is resplendent in breathtaking architecture, and ancient traditions long forgotten by the rest of the world. In addition to its majestic structures and cultural attractions, the village is also haven for divine natural attractions, ideal for those looking for some peace and tranquillity.

One of the town’s major attractions is its rich and colourful traditions. Despite it being small and undeveloped, tourists come here to feast on the town’s mouth-watering delicacies, and to explore what the town has to offer.

Here, people still cling to their tradition as if time never changed. Tourists can see women in the town still wearing their traditional headscarves, embroidered aprons, and wooden clogs. Their aprons are worn over seven flannel skirts of different colours.

Meanwhile, fishermen still use wooden fishing boats that are of Phoenician design—with prows and painted eyes that are said to protect fishermen from storms in the sea. This tradition of designing boats came from, of course, the Phonecians who settled in Nazare before the time of Christians.

In addition to the town’s cultural attractions, another interesting attraction that tourists shouldn’t miss is the church in O Sitio. This church, which is the first to be built in the village, is a reminder of the Virgin Mary’s divine intervention which saved a Portuguese knight’s life. To show his gratification, he built the Ermida da Memoria, a chapel that now sits atop the Virgin Mary’s statue.

Of course, a trip to Nazare Portugal region is never complete without visiting the town’s divine beaches, which are so pristine that some even claim that they are the best beaches in Portugal. Even the most critical of tourists would find it hard to refute this claim.

Nazare, Portugal is indeed a wonder to behold. This quaint fishing village serves as a window to the old world of Portugal, displaying the beautiful traditions of the people and the breathtaking scenery that can truly capture anyone’s heart.

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