Pap’Acorda Restaurant: Portuguese Soul Food At Its Finest

Named after a regional favorite, a stew made up of cilantro spiced bread and shellfish, this Lisbon restaurant is an example of Portuguese soul food at its finest. It is also a stylish café that caters to the city’s class of fashion elite.

Set on a street in the medieval Bairro Alto district, Pap’Açorda restaurant is also a short walk to several popular bars in Lisbon, including Portas Largas. It is high on the list of fashionably hip places to be, making it a nightlife-loving tourist’s favorite haunt. Moreover, with meals like the house specialty açorda, which is made of seafood, eggs, olive oil, coriander, bread and garlic, it is no wonder that it is so popular with the clubbing crowd.

Anyone wishing to dine there is advised to get a reservation as soon as you hit town, especially if you are planning on visiting this Lisbon restaurant on weekends. Lingering at the marble-topped bar is a social event of its own, with local celebrity wannabes jockeying for attention, and if you get to dine, it will be something to remember.

The seashell toned interior is the perfect setting for its wide menu of seafood original dishes, including Spanish mussels and shellfish rice also, especially for the meat lovers, a spicy sirloin sautéed with tasty mushrooms soaked in wine.

Pap’Açorda is conveniently located close to the Chiado metro station, with meals within a price range of 18 to 40 Euros.


Rua da Atalaia, 57–59
1200-037 Lisbon
Tel: 21 346 4811

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