Farta Brutos

Legendary Taste Treats at Farta Brutos Restaurant

Like most popular Lisbon restaurants that cater to the traditionalist crowds, Farta Brutos, stays busy, year round. Even in the dead of winter, when most upscale cafes begin to slow down, this one, conveniently located in the Bairro Alto district, is pleasantly packed with food lovers waiting for a taste of its gloriously delicious menu.

The menu contains some truly legendary taste treats, each one begging to be experienced by their descriptions: Poveira style seafood risotto, fishcakes made of cod with rice and beans, Rojoes a Lisbonense, a traditional pork dish, and for dessert, Papos de Anjo, a sweet dish of eggs and sugar.

It is not only the savories that make this Farta Brutos restaurant so popular, also the delicious dishes are available at a reasonable price. The average tab for this dining experience is around 30 Euros per person, and well worth it.

If you visit thisn place, don’t forget that the pictures featured within its menu are not expanded for print; those servings are pictured actual size, so you may want to think about sharing the entrees with your fellow diners.

The specials change with the seasons, and, much like many others Lisbon restaurants, the chef here rely upon the fare of the local markets to make their creations. This means that some months the classic fish and rice stew will be the special of the day, and the rabbit with herbs and garlic on others.

Farta Brutos Restaurant
Travessa da Espera, 20
Lisbon 1200-176

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