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An Eclectic Mix: Spot LX Restaurant

Tucked away within the flashiness of the Lisbon Casino, Spot LX restaurant portrays an electrically charged atmosphere, featuring some wonderful food, served tapas style. Italian, Portuguese, and some of the best sushi to be had in Lisbon, can all be found here, under the glittering lights of the casino.

One of three restaurants under the masthead of the casino, this Lisbon restaurant features a minimalist style to its décor. Everything at Spot LX restaurant is white, from the tablecloths to the walls, serving as a pristine backdrop to many innovative dishes. There is an area that is completely devoted to desserts, and their beauty serves as an enticement for diners to see what else this place has to offer, and they will not be disappointed. Further in, diners will see that all of their dishes are chosen delicatessen-style, just like the dessert section.

For an average of 25 Euros, you can choose from Japanese, Italian and Portuguese tapas favorites, as well as a vegetarian bar, raw bar and desserts.

This arrangement may seem strange, compared to the rest of the Lisbon restaurant scene, but it works here. Always having fresh food available to choose in a casino that literally works 24/7 can be a refreshing experience even to the most jaded diner.

Spot LX Restaurant
Casino de Lisboa
Alameda dos Oceanos, Lote 1.03.01
1950-204 Lisbon

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